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Co-lead by SUHI and OCEAN-HP, this core has four main activities.

(1) The CHW Core has created a comprehensive CHW COVID-19 training curriculum by reviewing and combining existing curriculums. We are now offering free CHW trainings on COVID-19. Contact Adlaide Holloway for details or  sign up by going  the CHW training website.

(2) We will soon be launching a CHW Learning Collaborative to provide ongoing support to COVID-19 trained CHWs. This is a place CHWs can go for up-to-date information and to share experiences and needs. Stay tuned for details.

(3) We are working to network existing local CHWs and CHW supporters to provide ongoing CHW workforce supports during and after COVID, and to ensure training and other activities align with state credentialling activities. Contact Ava Salonis for details.

(4) We are evaluating the CHW training and also looking for opportunities to provide more CHW program evaluation. Contact Jacob Ginn for details.